Monday, May 18, 2009

I Wanna Go Hooome!

My bedroom smells like pigeon, the bathroom ceiling is caving in, and there is a gecko on the wall! Welcome to India. Also, we have not gotten the internet to work yet, and even when we do my three roommates and I will be sharing one internet connection, so skyping is pretty much out. This location is not really conducive to keeping in touch with the outside world. Also, apparently dirty clothes attract cockroaches, so now I have to worry about that too. Agh! I’ve been here two days and I am already aching for American civilization.

I’m also aching for Dave – I really don’t do well without physical human contact, and he is essentially my only outlet, so the lack of him is very noticeable and quite painful. I can’t sleep without another body next to mine to hold and keep me warm, and I miss his touch on a very basic level – I miss his arms and soft kisses on the back of my neck and waking in the morning and making passionate love. It was very startling at first to hear that while all of the other girls on the trip have boyfriends, they seem unperturbed by the distance. I have to remind myself that I am in love with my best friend, and we spend more time together than many married couples, so the attachment is naturally stronger. Which is not a bad thing at all, but it makes this even harder.


  1. Hi Allison,

    “apparently dirty clothes attract cockroaches” Check your toothbrush too and toothpaste and vitamins and etc. The secret to survival is making everything food.


  2. Eeeew! Dad! Why?!

  3. Why? In the Caribbean I used to fend them off with a chair and a whip.