Friday, May 22, 2009

Beer + Heat = Sleep

This entry will be even shorter than the last, since I’m fucking EXHAUSTED! First we had a long and boring tour of a TV film set, where we learned nothing that we didn’t already know about shooting – filming is a long and boring process. Next we had a long but interesting lecture from Sabyasachi Bose, a production designer who did, among other things, the sets of Omkara and Dil Chata Hai. Tres cool.

After that we went to Juhu beach, where we

1) were blatantly stared at by EVERYONE
2) had fake henna done that burned my arm

3) saw an evil monkey bite a baby

Evil Monkey
4) saw another baby buried in the sand to his waist by his parents and then
5) had dinner.
I had a Carlsburg with dinner, which turned out to be a mistake cause we then saw a play.

The play itself was actually really awesome – called Mahadevbhai, by Ranu Ramanathan, it’s about a friend of Ghandi’s. Very well written. Mental note – get a copy of the play. And the guy acting in it (it’s a one man play) was AMAZING. But it was late, and we were all tired, and had had beer, so we all fell asleep. Oh well. Now I need to go to bed for real.

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