Monday, October 13, 2008

On Fire

That is how my skin feels right now. Like I just rolled in stinging nettles naked and now my entire body is burning. I can't stand it, and its probably caused by the medication I am taking, which makes me even angrier. So here I sit, in the library, trying to write a paper, while my entire body - literally from my scalp to the soles of my feet - is itching like crazy. Life sucks sometimes.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Bad Reaction, Part Deux

So, I woke up this morning after a restless night of fever-dreams and realized that not only were the hives worse, I was having trouble swallowing and I had a temperature of 102. I had my roommate call her mother (a nurse) and I called my father (a former Navy corpsman) and my boyfriend (an EMT) and by popular consensus, it was decided that I go to the ER. My roommate's boyfriend drove me, and we had a fun time joking about the possibility of me simply exploding whilst in the waiting room.

It was finally decided that my tattoo did in fact react with the antibiotics I was on, and thats what caused the trouble. I was given prescriptions for THREE more types of medication, yay, so I get to take those for the next few weeks. For the moment, I just want to look un-disgusting again.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Tattoos + Antibiotics = DEATH

So, two weeks ago I was given a rug burn by my boyfriend. No, not like that, we were having a tickle fight in our living room and I got a rug burn on my ankle. Anyway, it was fine for about a week, but then the scab got ripped off and it got infected. Really disgusting - it got swollen and kinda green.

So last Thursday I sat in the Prompt Care unit of the hospital for THREE HOURS so that a woman could look at my ankle for twenty seconds and tell me that it was slightly infected. No shit, Sherlock. Thanks for the insight. That got me a week's worth of antibiotics (which messes with birth control, so no sex for me!) and a nice little copay. The week passed uneventfully, I got through my prescription without a problem, and life was good (though somewhat sexless).
On Yom Kippur, my boyfriend and I went to get tattoos. Mine was on the inside of my forearm, so it hurt a decent amount just getting the tattoo. Now, I did not think ahead of time that having antibiotics in my system would dislike having ink injected into my skin.

Well, it does.

A lot.

I am currently covered in hives, the area around my tattoo is one giant, red, itchy lump and I look more unattractive than I have since I was thirteen.

The moral of the story is: if you are going to inject things into your body, only do one at a time - drugs or ink.

Yom Kippur

Now, I'm not in the least Jewish, but my boyfriend is half (the half that doesn't count, but he follows some of the rules anyway), so I thought I'd give fasting for Yom Kippur a try. Honestly, I've gone 24 hours without food before, so that isn't the hard part. The difficult thing is not drinking anything.

I had a major retard moment last night: I was at the library - my home away from home - and passed the drinking fountain and habitually went to get a drink of water. It wasn't until I had a mouthful that I remembered, and felt like a fool. I contemplated briefly just swallowing it (yea, I know how that sounded, get over it) but decided against it out of shame. So, unknowing of my audience, I spit the water back into the bowl and turned to leave. Behind me was a very confused looking guy who asked if something was wrong with the water. I said no, that I was just a bad Jew who couldn't remember to fast. I thought he was going to wet himself laughing, so I figured my momentary lapse was OK, as long as I was still able to make people laugh.

In conclusion, here I sit, starving and thirsty, while my Jew boyfriend snores in my bed attempting to sleep away his hunger. Silly Jews.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Awkwardness to the nth degree

Today is my ex-boyfriend's 21st birthday. Because the 'ex' part is new, and because we are trying to stay friends, I told him I would go out to dinner with him. While there was a lot of crying (on his part, again), he seems to be getting better, which makes me feel a lot less bad about the whole situation. He seems to even be re-discovering an old crush, which means he is starting to move on. I feel like I can be happy about being happy now, if that makes any sense.

Things That Annoy Me...

1) Avocados that look ripe and feel ripe, but are not in fact ripe and therefore taste like shit.
2) Matches that are not long enough to light a candle and burn my fingers.
3) Having to stay up so late to finish my homework.
4) Other stuff that I'm too tired to think of right now.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

On Writing

My screenwriting professor, as well as numerous other people, have said that a good writer should write a little every day. With that in mind, I will attempt to keep up with writing here as best as I can. It won't be much most of the time, but not much is still better than nothing.
Yea, thats about all I've got at the moment. Better than yesterday though, eh?

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Yahoo! Answers and the Ignorance in This Country

Of late I have become rather addicted to the Yahoo! Answers community. Anyone with a Yahoo! account can ask any question they like, and then anyone else can answer it. Jocelyn and Rachel know what I'm talking about. What started out as the pastime of the incredibly bored became an obsession however, when I discovered how uneducated the majority of grade school aged people in this country are when it comes to sex.

Questions like "Could my girrlfriend be pregnet?!?!?!?!?1" are some of the most common on the forum. 13-year-olds wondering if they should have sex, how often they should have sex, where they should have sex and HOW to have sex flood the question boards.

This is what abstinence only education has done to our society. The only contraception method teenagers know of in detail is to not have sex at all, and for hormonally raging people, thats like telling Hitler, "Now, hold on a moment, I know I'm Jewish, but I've got some qualities I think you'd really like". It just wont work. Teenagers WILL have sex, no matter how sinful and dangerous and culturally taboo it might be simply because it feels good - hard drugs being illegal doesn't stop their use, for the same reason. Sex, at least, can be pretty harmless, if done properly.

We have seen just in the last week that children cannot grasp the idea of becoming parents - a group of girls in Massachusetts, starved for love, decided to have children and raise them together. How pitiful is that? The lives of 17 high schoolers to be changed forever because their parents and school system failed them.

Well, what started out as an attempt at humor became a rant against the educational system in this country. For those who wanted laughs, here they are - a series of skits which rather reflect the knowledge level of safe sex amongst teenagers.

Sex and Childbirth -

Contraception -
(Starts of the same as the first, but the conversation takes a different turn)

Safe Sex -

Condoms -

For those of you who were looking for another of my rants about problems with this country, I hope you found it.

Now, go out and change the world.