Saturday, October 11, 2008

Bad Reaction, Part Deux

So, I woke up this morning after a restless night of fever-dreams and realized that not only were the hives worse, I was having trouble swallowing and I had a temperature of 102. I had my roommate call her mother (a nurse) and I called my father (a former Navy corpsman) and my boyfriend (an EMT) and by popular consensus, it was decided that I go to the ER. My roommate's boyfriend drove me, and we had a fun time joking about the possibility of me simply exploding whilst in the waiting room.

It was finally decided that my tattoo did in fact react with the antibiotics I was on, and thats what caused the trouble. I was given prescriptions for THREE more types of medication, yay, so I get to take those for the next few weeks. For the moment, I just want to look un-disgusting again.

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