Sunday, March 21, 2010

Spring Break 2010

Well, Spring Break has once again come and gone, and I should probably comment on it a bit. I didn't go to Cabo, or Tiajuana, or even Miami, but I had a blast. On Friday night Dave drove down from Biddeford (amazingly, our breaks coincided, so we actually got to spend it together) and we spent the first weekend in Syracuse. Sunday saw the Syracuse St. Patrick's Day parade, which was not very large - the highlight was watching bagpipers sidestep a pile of horse dung in the middle of the road - but still fun.

Pipe Band
Sunday night we drove to Allentown and spent the week there. St. Paddy's was celebrated with a pub crawl, during which we got a normally sober friend of ours hysterically drunk. After four car bombs, he was whining for piggyback rides to the next bar, demanding money from people, and, when he didn't get money, demanding a cat. Conversations that night determined that 'girls on the rag love pickles' (this from the cat man), 'gorillas are the bears of Africa', and 'a rat king could not beat an alligator in a fight'. A rat king, incidentally, is formed when a bunch of rats are kept in a cage, and their tails fuse together, creating a multi-headed monstrosity. The things you learn with the help of alcohol.
The rest of break was nice and relaxing, which was much needed, although it means that I now only have 7 weeks of school left, and I still have to finish a screenplay, find a place to live after May 16th, and, miracle of miracles, get a job.

Also, watched Roman Polanski's The Ghost Writer. Best movie I've seen since District 9.

Saturday, March 6, 2010


I like writing lists. They are nice and organized and keep my thoughts in order.

Things Keeping Me from Going Insane Before Graduation (in no particular order)
  • Quite Interesting (a British quiz show hosted by Stephen Fry)
  • Jocelyn (my roommate and best friend)
  • Talking to Dave every day
  • The Tudors
  • Filming a friend's thesis project
  • Writing
Things Making Me Want to Go Crazy (in a particular order)
  • My unbelievably filthy, smelly, mean, pain-in-the-butt roommate (not Jocelyn)
  • Ridiculous amounts of Spanish homework
  • Job searching
Things I am Looking Forward to
  • Spring Break/spending more than 48 hours with Dave
  • Hearing back from a job I applied to
  • Moving out of Syracuse
I have no lists left at the moment. More later.