Friday, October 10, 2008

Yom Kippur

Now, I'm not in the least Jewish, but my boyfriend is half (the half that doesn't count, but he follows some of the rules anyway), so I thought I'd give fasting for Yom Kippur a try. Honestly, I've gone 24 hours without food before, so that isn't the hard part. The difficult thing is not drinking anything.

I had a major retard moment last night: I was at the library - my home away from home - and passed the drinking fountain and habitually went to get a drink of water. It wasn't until I had a mouthful that I remembered, and felt like a fool. I contemplated briefly just swallowing it (yea, I know how that sounded, get over it) but decided against it out of shame. So, unknowing of my audience, I spit the water back into the bowl and turned to leave. Behind me was a very confused looking guy who asked if something was wrong with the water. I said no, that I was just a bad Jew who couldn't remember to fast. I thought he was going to wet himself laughing, so I figured my momentary lapse was OK, as long as I was still able to make people laugh.

In conclusion, here I sit, starving and thirsty, while my Jew boyfriend snores in my bed attempting to sleep away his hunger. Silly Jews.

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