Sunday, May 17, 2009

Happy Birthday?

I am now in my (freezing cold, how does one turn down the AC?) apartment in Mumbai. I am sharing a room with Liz, with Aamir and Jill in the other bedroom. Our rooms are basic, with two beds and a closet, one drawer each, and a bathroom. It’s kind of like being in the dorms again, only on the other side of the world.

It took a while for the idea of being in India to set it. All airports look alike, so other than the fact that everyone besides us was Indian, there was nothing to distinguish the Mumbai airport from Newark. It was not until we walked outside that the difference literally hit me in the face. 10 pm, and it was 92 degrees. Hot and humid enough that you could almost take a shower just by standing outside – not that you’d want to, since you can practically smell the pollution. Small, mangy dogs prowl the streets, and entire families walk hand-in-hand along the side of the road – where they could be going at this hour, I don’t know.

Shopping tomorrow – I wonder what else I shall see. Also, I turned 22 an hour ago. I am very lonely.

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