Saturday, September 4, 2010

The English Language, and how the persons misspeak her

There is nothing in the world - not crying babies, Scarlett Johansson or Unchained Melody - that I hate more than the mispronunciation of the word 'mispronunciation'. I've heard it. 'Mispronounce-iation' is a fail of epic proportions. I am no English major, I have some truly appalling spelling, but if you can't even speak your native language properly, you don't deserve to talk.

I know I sound like Henry Higgins, but damn it, Eliza needed those lessons and so do a lot of the people that I encounter in the Great Land of the North (Maine).

I'm not sure why mispronunciation bothers me so much, maybe it's the whole child-of-two-teachers thing, but these are some words, all of which I have heard in the past few weeks, that make me want to beat the people who say them around the head with a ping pong paddle.
  • Supposably
  • I could care less (less mispronunciation than it is just not thinking about the phrase)
  • Valentimes (this one literally makes me want to step on kittens)
All of these, actually, were uttered by the same person, an 80 year old woman I was working for. If you have been speaking this language for 80 years, for heaven's sake, do it properly.

*As a completely unrelated aside, to this older woman I worked for who told me that I was a sinner for:
  1. my parents being divorced
  2. for wearing pants
  3. for having tattoos
  4. for ever drinking anything stronger than hot chocolate (this includes tea)
I say this: I may have some ink in me, but at least I am tolerant of people with different lifestyles and ideals than me. If heaven is filled with people like you, I don't want to go there.

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  1. I guess you didn't tell her about your mother's "lifestyle choice" to add one more to your list of sins. I hope you don't have to work with her anymore.