Monday, September 20, 2010

Cancun - Restaurant Review

Cancun Mexican Restaurant
11 Adams Street

Biddeford, ME 04005

I work on Sunday mornings, so afterward I met up with Dave, Tyler and Matt and we went to the new Mexican restaurant in Biddeford for lunch. Until now, the only Mexican place has been Bebe's, which barely qualifies as edible. The Cancun Mexican restaurant was a very pleasant surprise.

It is a small restaurant, slightly underground and looks rather like a food cellar. There are some flat screen TVs playing sports, although since this means European futbol rather than hockey or baseball, it added to the atmosphere (and since all present were soccer fans, we enjoyed it).

The wait staff was very friendly, and the fact that everyone there actually was Mexican, unlike Bebe's, gave us some more confidence in the food. Which was fantastic, by the way. There are a number of kinds of options - single dishes, combo plates, lunch and dinner specials - and everything is moderately priced. I got a combo plate of an enchilada and a fajita, which also came with a generous helping of rice and beans. Having that and bits of other people's food, I can informatively say that everything there is fantastic.

Also, they give you huge baskets of chips with salsa, which got refilled about 8 times, considering I was there with three starving male medical students. Tyler got some sort of chorizo dip which was fantastic - i must remember to try that one again. After all the meat and rice and beans, i wanted something sweet, and having seen flan* on the menu, I was itching to try it. I hadn't had good flan since Spain, and my most recent encounter with the dessert was one I bought at Wegman's - the equivalent of a pudding cup, and it was horrendous. The flan at Cancun is amazing, possibly better than some I had in Spain (sorry, Mom!). As we left, some guy outside asked Dave and I if the food was good, and I practically sang the praises of that flan. He didn't know what flan was. *headdesk*

* Flan, for all Mainers and other uncultured people, is a kind of custard made with condensed milk. It is very easy to make bad flan, and almost impossible to find good flan in the US. Another recent encounter I have had with flan was in Allentown, where pairs of men sit atop coolers on the side of the road and shout at passing drivers to by their flan or cheesecake.

No, sir, I do not want your ass-flan. Thank you.

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  1. Say it ain't so! (better flan than what you had in Spain)