Tuesday, July 6, 2004


Wow, today was long! First, we got up really late, nearly eleven and got tickets for the “Original Bus Tour of London”. And no, we didn’t get breakfast. We saw most of the main sightseeing places in London; Westminster Abbey, the Globe Theater, Saint Paul’s Cathedral, the Houses of Parliament and Big Ben, the London Eye, Trafalgar Square (about six times, we just kept passing it), and, of course, the Themes.

The tour took about two and a half hours and this time it was about 3:00pm before we had anything to eat, again at a Pizza Hut. After lunch we got tickets for two plays; Mousetrap tomorrow night, and the Complete Works of Shakespeare (Abridged) on Thursday afternoon, to be performed by the Abridged Shakespeare Company. I saw a video of them in 7th Grade English, and I remember it being very funny.

After buying the tickets, we went to a bookstore and I got a Buffy comic book for me, and an Angel one for Hannah, and also a deck of cards featuring the Celtics Football team. We then went to a café and waited for a representative to come for our Jack the Ripper tour.

The tour guide was this tiny little woman, very funny, who knew absolutely everything about the lovely man. She told, in gruesome detail, of the five murders, the girls’ backgrounds, of the many suspects, and the theories of why. Something I heard before was that a head policeman obstructed some evidence; he wiped away a message saying Juws will not be the men blamed for nothing”. Whatever that means. When the tour was over, we went to the Sherlock Holmes pub, which had Holmes memorabilia everywhere, as well photos of Jeremy Brett on every wall, which made eating really nice. Dad and I shared an enormous treacle tart, which I believe had about 3000 calories, but tasted great. I am about to fall over and die, so goodnight.

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