Monday, July 5, 2004

Fourth of July

This is the first time I haven’t been at home with Hannah on her birthday and the first time without seeing the fireworks. It's kinda sad. Today was interesting, my first full day in England. We went to Speaker's Corner today, and stayed for hours. It was really a unique experience; there were seven people talking, (all men) mostly about religion.

The first person we saw was a young white guy (four of the men were black) talking about world politics. he said that countries should be held accountable lawfully "by force of law, rather than the law of force". Another guy was talking about the rich oppressing the poor; he said the "only ways to get rich are to lie, cheat, thieve, and murder".

Some creep was talking about Jesus being God and how all other Gods are false: “Allah is a butcher”, etc. so I yelled at him. He was saying that Jesus/God is merciful, so I asked him how that was if he condemned all other religions. My question was not answered. The creep continued as if he had not heard me, and started saying that the Bible must be true, because God wrote it, and a Muslim Guy near me asked “God wrote the Bible with his own hand? What proof do you have?” This question was also unanswered.

The last guy I listened to was another Christian, who was mainly just arguing with an older Irish man, who’s parting words were “Don’t be in a hurry to get to heaven, it’s a hell of a place to be”.
After having been up for about four hours and not having eaten breakfast, Dad and I were both hungry and snarly, so we went to go walk to Madame Tussaud’s, and got thoroughly lost. We walked about half a mile out of our way and then back, and finally went to a Pizza Hut at about two in the afternoon. Even greasy pizza tastes good when you’re that hungry.

After breakfast/lunch, we went to a clothing store, Surprise! (that’s the name of the store), and I got a sweater and a baby doll tee with the Union Jack on it. Very hip. Dad said it was so small, it looked more like a handkerchief than a shirt, so I think I will wear it tomorrow, just out of spite. Then we just kinda ambled back to the hotel and went to sleep. Jet lag sucks. We got up about three hours later, got bread, cheese, and juice from the little convenience store across the street, and ate dinner. Then we called home, wished Hannah a Happy Birthday, (she’s a teenager, aghhh!) and watched some TV. I’m going to bed now, goodnight.

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