Friday, June 10, 2011

Flushing for Dinner: Red Chopstick - Restaurant Review

Dave and I are back in Allentown again, this time for two weeks. He takes his first round of boards (the Osteopathic version) on the 23rd and after that we will go back to Maine to finish moving out of our apartment. I'll be glad to stop driving so much.

This time we decided to stop in New York to meet Jin for dinner. He took us to a Taiwanese restaurant in Flushing called Red Chopstick. They have a really good meal system - you can order a variety of things to split between 2 or 4 people for a relatively cheap price. Of course, there was also complementary tea, which Jin kept waving around.

We got five dishes - the Duck Soup, which was essentially a large bowl of broth with pieces of duck floating in it. Bones and all. Dave liked it so much he ate almost all of it on his own. Second was the drunken chicken, not a huge fan of that one. It's cold and has the skin left on it, and it's a pain to eat. The dungeness crab (which you can see below) was also a pain to eat, but it tasted better than the chicken.

We also got sauteed spinach, which was very good, and, my favorite, beef, celery and either tofu or mushrooms, we couldn't tell. That's the one in the square plate. I couldn't stop eating it.

After dinner we hunted down the bakery we got amazing egg custard from in April. For future reference, it is called the New Flushing Bakery. We got there late so there weren't many custards left, so we bought them out. We really need to start going to the gym again.

On the way back to the car we stopped by a market and bought crazy cheap fruit (apricots fo 69 cents a pound!), lychee candy and an aloe drink. I really love Flushing.

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  1. you guys should forget that allentown nonsense and move to queens.