Monday, April 18, 2011

Passover begins... now.

So, being a Jew, even a fake Jew*, is really difficult in Maine. There are about 7 here, including us, so when I go to a grocery store and ask for Kosher food, I get a blank look. When I clarify that as "Jewish food", I get asked "Jews don't eat normal food?" I give up then.

I will try to have the week of Passover set up like Thanksgiving and post one recipe per day. Today is the easiest and the one Dave and I use most often. It has become such a favorite that we even eat it NOT during Passover. Yes, we have matzo throughout the year. We are still working on the case we bought two years ago.

Matzo Pizza

1 matzo
pasta sauce
shredded cheese

The hardest thing about this recipe is finding kosher sauce. Dairy is still in for Passover, so that isn't a problem.

Put one matzo on a plate. Cover with pasta sauce, sprinkle with cheese. Microwave. That's it. I'm sure you could make this fancier and bake it in an oven and shit, but why bother? This is the easy recipe. There will be more complicated ones to come, never fear.

*Dave is Jewish on his father's side, so it doesn't really count for either of us. However, it makes his grandmother happy, so we try.

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