Saturday, August 28, 2010

Baron LeClub - the swashbuckling seal

A few weeks ago I was in the process of transferring my bokmarks from Safari to Firefox (if someone more technologically inclined can tell me how to do this in any way better than one link at a time, please do) when I ran across a website I found years ago full of fluffy happiness. is home to a large amount of enormous stuffed animals, most of which are adorable to the point of squeal-inducing. I say 'most' because the giraffe is kinda ugly, and looks more like a lovechild of Bambi and Marlon Brando than anything else. To my great delight, unlike the last time I looked at the animal inventory, Squishable had acquired a stuffed seal. A few, in fact, and I instantly fell in love with the harbor seal.

I sent Dave an email containing the link, with the heading "CAN I HAVE THIS PRETTY PRETTY PLEASE?!?!?!?!?!", really meaning it as a joke. Two weeks later, this arrived in the mail.

He is adorable, and I love him, and I literally cuddled in bed with him for two hours after I released him from his cardboard prison.

A quick side note on packing: Is it really necessary to pack a stuffed animal in a box twice it's size, and surround it with 23 inflated plastic cushions? What harm could possibly befall something that comes from a website called 'Squishable'? Needless to say, he was fine. He did, however, need a name.

All of my stuffed animals have names, and usually they just come to me, but for whatever reason, I had difficulty naming this one. I turned to Facebook for help, and got suggestions ranging from 'Seal' to 'Spot'. None seemed to fit. Then a friend of mine with a sick sense of humor suggested 'Clubby'. This was a bit too cutesy for my taste, but Baron LeClub had just the right amount of twisted humor and coolness that this giant cuddly thing deserves. I have yet to procure the eye-patch necessary to complete the Baron's look, but I hope to do so soon.

The Baron, as Dave and I refer to him, has taken up permanent residence in our bed. One or the other of us will clasp him tightly as we sleep, and I have been awoken more than once by Dave prodding me in the face, using The Baron as a poking device. He also sings to him. I was shutting my computer down for the night and from the bed I heard,
"Me and my seal, together forever.
Me and my seal, best friends forever."
Sometimes I fear I am engaged to a toddler in a man's body.

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