Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Purpose... It's that little flame

That lights a candle under your ass. Ahh, the wisdom of Avenue Q.

Seriously though. I graduated about a month ago, and have very little to show for it at the moment. I just finished reading Julie and Julia, the book that was the inspiration for the Meryl Streep Oscar nom last year. It was an enjoyable read (although some of her accounts of treating her husband like dirt made me cringe and cuddle with my fiance), but more than simply liking the story, I got inspiration. Or at least a desire for inspiration.

Cooking ones way through Mastering the Art of French Cooking has now been done (I did, incidentally, get both volumes for Christmas this year. My first statement, much to everyone's amusement, upon opening the package was "Yay! Now I can bone a duck!" I am looking forward to that one.) I have no wish to be a follow-up to Julie Powell, for her mission is not mine. I don't know what mine is yet. I'll try some different things, and hope I find it along the way. Maybe you can help me.

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