Thursday, February 17, 2011

On Moving to PA

Things I will miss about Maine
Cheap housing
Ri Ra
Cheap movie tickets
amazing seafood
UNECOM friends

Things I will not miss about Maine
Long commute to work/school/everywhere
Snow/ice/generally shit-tastic weather
racist, bigoted white people

Things I am looking forward to in Pennsylvania
Red Robin
Ethnic food
less ice
Being a lot closer to friends/family
Being close to big cities
more culture
Free housing (if we live with family)
more company at home (if we live with family)

Things that I am not looking forward to in Pennsylvania
A possible loss of independence (if we live with family)

Allentown is:
1.5 hours from Harrisburg, PA (Dave's grandmother)
1.5 hours to Philadelphia, PA
2.5 hours from NYC (lots of friends)
3 hours from State College, PA (my grandparents)
3.5 hours from Syracuse, NY (my family)
3.5 hours from Washington DC
6 hours to Chaffeys Lock, ON (cottage)


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  2. Sorry, dumb typo.
    I go to college in Allentown and there is a lot to go to and see nearby.
    Feel free to ask me for info about the area, I know it pretty well.