Saturday, June 12, 2010

Thai Bamboo - Restaurant Review

Thai Bamboo
7 High Street
Brattleboro, VT 05301

Last month I graduated from Syracuse University and moved to Southern Maine, where Dave goes to medical school. His mother helped us move into our new apartment, for which I am very grateful, as Dave was working and unable to help with a lot of the moving-in process. On her drive back from Maine, she took the "scenic" route - this adds about two hours and lets one avoid most of Massachusetts.

On our latest trip to Syracuse, we decided to take that route - we were under no time constraints and long drives can be a lot of fun if you have a good travel companion, which I do. New Hampshire and Vermont seem to be comprised almost entirely of antique stores and beautiful forests, so the added time would have been worth it even if Dave had not seen the sign for Brattleboro and squealed "Ohhh! I love Brattleboro! Let's eat dinner here!"

As we got into the town - a quiet, quaint place where I would like to spend more time when I have the chance - he also remembered that Brattleboro was home to a very good Thai restaurant. He wasn't kidding.

We ate dinner at Thai Bamboo, which instantly became one of my top ten favorite restaurants. Thai iced tea is one of my favorite things in the world, and the tea at Thai Bamboo was the best I've ever had. The tea itself was very strong and sweet and the optional tapioca (which of course I asked for) was freshly made - rather than hard, chewy spheres, it was soft and much easier to deal with. I think I drank about three glasses. We shared a scallion (green onion) pancake as an appetizer, and I think we rather shocked the waiter with how quickly we consumed it.

Dave ordered the Pineapple fried rice, which was very good but a bit too sweet for me. I like my drinks sweet, not my food. I got the Pad Thai, which I know is about as Thai as Chicken Tikka Masala is Indian, but I love it anyway. Thai Bamboo has, hands down, the best Pad Thai I've ever eaten. The sauce was rich and creamy, which offset the spiciness. The vegetables were fresh and flavorful, and the egg had been cooked separately, so there were no lumps of noodle and egg stuck together. I normally would not have been able to eat that much of anything, but it was too delicious to let it go to waste.

After all that food, our stomachs were a bit uncomfortable, so we decided to share some ginger ice cream for dessert. This too was delicious, as it was not only ginger flavored but also had large chunks of candied ginger mixed throughout. We ate everything.

To top off the heavenly meal, the price was extremely reasonable. Our three course meal totaled about $45, which considering how amazing the food was, was an absolute steal.

I unhesitatingly recommend this restaurant to anyone with even a mild liking for Asian cuisine.

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